and then six months went by…

Whelp… how does one begin to catch you up on the last six months?  In pictures, we say!

This past spring, we celebrated Andy’s 32nd birthday and our 7th wedding anniversary.  After taking oodles of posed pictures, we feel that this one probably best represents our goofy, song-singing, kitchen-dancing marriage.IMG_20140518_144806347_SnapseedOf course, there have been many a countryside ramble but among my favourites was this one in and around Minster Lovell.  Between the early morning fog and the ruined manor house, it was utterly beguiling. IMG_6103_SnapseedIMG_6142_SnapseedAnd what ramble would be complete without making one or two new friends along the way? Starred Photos IMG_20140430_081245431_SnapseedFor those of you who’ve asked, here’s a snapshot of Andy’s school. IMG_20140417_132603123_HDR_SnapseedAndy has traded in his Starbucks days for a new Portland-chic coffee shop near our flat.  The decor is so different (read: trendy/industrial) from everything else in our town that one of English friends made a comment that “it’s weird they opened before they finished the walls and floors…”

Being a year and half into his PhD, the research/languages/writing is ever-challenging but Andy has become friends with some other PhD students who help carry the load and encourage one another over their Hebrew reading pub times (fo’ realz). IMG_20140416_193310474_HDR_Snapseed IMG_20140517_202940983_HDR_SnapseedPraise the Lord, we were finally released from our letting agreement (lease) and escaped the mould-filled, shower-leaking flat of last year.  Goodbye 142B, hello Flat 4 with its brand new bathtub and sun-filled sitting room.  Pictures will follow in the coming weeks. IMG_20140417_101402012 The past six months of work for me have been eventful to say the least.  Lots of kiddo cooking classes and natural dyes for Easter eggs kept me jolly in the spring.  I also became the face of WFM-Cheltenham’s Twitter campaign (“What Would Betty Buy”) for gluten free products/recipes.  Brief side story… remember Andy’s favourite new coffee shop?  Well at said-coffee shop, his new best mate/barista was chatting with Andy and after hearing that I work at WFM and teach GF classes, he said, “Oh yeah, I’ve seen your wife on Twitter!”  Starred Photos1 In April, I went for a promotion to become the Customer Service Team Leader/Manager and got it! Among other things, this meant spending two weeks in soggy London-town for training.  Andy joined me for the fortnight and in the evenings, we took in all the sights time (and would weary feet) would allow.  The following shots are from our time there. IMG_20140508_104609337_Snapseed IMG_20140510_164019299_HDR IMG_6391_Snapseed-1Resplendent St Paul’s Cathedral.IMG_6355_Snapseed IMG_6392_Snapseed IMG_6430_Snapseed  ——–

So that’s our snapshot catch-up and we do so hope you’ve forgiven us for forgoing it for so long.  What’s on the agenda now? Well, our dear friends came for a visit all the way from Portland, OR and Chiang Mai, Thailand a couple weeks ago so we’ll try to get photos from that posted this next week.  And then, the lovely Carolee & Katie (Betty’s mum & sister) will be here for some time in July.  Plans so far include: Cornwall (of course), Yorkshire, Glasgow, a show in London, and perhaps a cider festival.

Stay tuned friends.  Whilst our posts may not be as often as you and I would like, we do so appreciate you sticking by us.  If you’re inclined to pray for us, please pray that we are able to find a supportive church community as well as ways to fully embrace SW England as home. xxxx

Starred Photos2